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Seamlessly integrate digital stickers into Google Slides and Google Docs.

Transform classroom materials into accessible, inclusive, and effective learning experiences.


Consistently set crystal clear expectations with Stickity icons and watch classroom management improve in less than 30 days.


Accommodate Instantly

Incorporate common accommodations like Visual Chunking, Visual Aids and Positive Reinforcement with the click of a button.


Differentiate Confidently

Pop in steps and levels that coordinate with Google's existing color palette to help students navigate flipped or blended learning modules with ease.


Stay on Track

Movement catches the eye and brings students back to the task at hand. Create a sense of urgency by inserting timer videos directly into a slide deck, knowing the timer will alert but not startle once time is up.


Show and Tell

Stickity stickers show and tell by using animation and graphics to visually communicate the end goal, giving all students extra confidence, but especially English Language Learners.


Never let the how get in the way of the what

Remove unnecessary barriers to learning by incorporating graphics that increase student engagement, confidence and independence. Gone are the days of not knowing what to do or where to click. 

These are SUCH great additions to my teacher toolkit. Love these for supporting my specialized learners (ELL/ELD, SpEd, Behavior, etc). Cool!
The day I started using Stickity this year was a game changer for my class - students started taking the the time to read all instructions, which I doubted would happen. But even more amazing is that this term, for the first time the majority of them are reading my feedback as well!!
Thank you so much for this ADD-ON. I love that it can reach all learners. We have many refugee students and they actually speak several different languages! So visual cues are critical to providing them access to learning. This helps so much!
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